What we offer

Our goal is to help scientists deliver top research, and to enable them in eminent scientific leadership


Are You Interested
in High Impact
and High Leverage
of  Your Research?
Facilitate Yourself and Your People
to Learn the Principles
of Selfleadership
and Selfmanagement
in Your Science Context!
Join Our Programs
for Ambitious Talents
and Ambitious Leaders!

Ambitious Talents Programs

Customized Training and Coaching Programs Combined with Lectures

Scientific Self-Management:

  • Mastering the Four Performance Management Dimensions
  • Energizing the Four Personal Management Dimensions
  • Creating internal and external co-creation and performance excellence

Scientific Self-Leadership:

  • Mastering the Three Innovation Dimensions
  • Energizing the Three personal Self-Leadership Dimensions
  • Transforming Your Inner Drives and Dreams into a Leading Edge Contribution and Position

Various Competences and Skills

Our Ambitious Talents Programs are suitable for Universities as well as for Research labs

Ambitious Talents at various stages can benefit, including

  • Starting PhDs
  • Experienced PostDoc/ Researchers
  • Associates Professors/ Young Group Leaders

Our Ambitious Talents Programs are based on the Scientific Leadership training program currently running at SynCat@Beijing. 

Ambitious Leaders Programs

Introductory Lectures and Customized Implementation

Scientific Servant Leadership:

  • From being in Control of Your Scientists to Leading Your Scientists to be in Control of Themselves
  • Setting the Scene for Controlled High Performance Impact
  • Enabling Authentic Power and Agility
Our Ambitious Leaders Programs are suitable for Universities as well as for Research Labs.

Ambitious Leaders at various levels of their organizations can profit,  for instance:

  • Strategic HR
  • Professors/ R&D Managers
  • Deans/ R&D Directors
  • Boards