Enhancing people and your organization to ultimate success

The leader has the responsibility that the organization is in control.
The leader has also the responsibility to enhance his people.

The Self-Management and Self-Leadership dimensions show how to enhance people’s personality.

The leader has to offer a trust-empowerment climate to enhance his people. To fulfill his servant enhancement role he can make use of the way parents raise their children. The natural way parents do this is explained in the Self-Leadership charter.

Furthermore the leader has to lead his people to be in control of the daily performance, to lead his people how to best perform with external contacts and how to create impact with innovation, business- and organizational development. This requires shared strategic, organization and communication know how.

Leading this on authenticity and consciousness will improve the organizations daily performance, expand the performance of the organization through better performing with external contacts, and will boost the organizations impact through leading innovation and entrepreneurship in an authentically inspired and engaged way.

The leader will also involve his Board, Management and/or Team leaders in realizing the desired Organization- and Self-Control.