Leading Self Leaders

Our adult “inner parent” is the key to become self-confident

Let us look at the way children grow up in a family. This is in two ways important for organizational behavior. First, each member of an organization has been raised as a child, and retained to some extent the positive and negative legacies from childhood. Secondly, we can learn in a natural way how to enhance ourselves if we look at the natural way how children develop and constantly learn and improve their capabilities. 

We all need love and trust to be recognized for who we are and what we try to contribute. We need challenges to enhance our natural individuality.

Talking about these principles is often seen as too soft and not professional, but, in the end they are decisive in how people can enhance themselves authentically in organizations.

Understanding the interaction between parents and children as inspiration for guiding people

When we talk about raising children, everybody opens up for the reality underneath, and wants to act naturally, authentically. In a similar way one can bring authenticity and authentic behavior into organizations and into professional enhancement.

Self-confidence starts already to develop at the beginning of the baby’s life. Unborn children react to the circumstances during the pregnancy: confident mothers have a different composition of trust, stress and hormones than nervous mothers. Also in organizations, creating a stable environment where people feel confident to behave authentic is an effective way to let people thrive on naturally enhanced qualities.